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BEESUN® Retractable Dog Leash
Wonder And Pintejin joint for the true pet lover

A regular walk is largely important for your pet’s health. Retractable dog leads and adjustable leashes are perfect for letting your dog roam more freely, especially if he cannot be let off the lead.This is the new “Beesun Brand” retractable dog leash from Wonder And Pintejin joint for the true pet lover.

Your little one is super special so why not walk her in style with this one of a kind decorated leash! This modern stylish retractable dog lead make the walking dog more convenient and easy. It is suitable for multiple dogs, large breed, medium and small dogs.

Ergonomic Anti-Slip Grip:

It is comfortable anti-slip handle, enough large for most pet owners.

High-strength 19Ft Nylon Rope:

Adpoted Nylon material, stronger than other leash. 19ft can provide comfort and maximum freedom for your pet in safe condition

Anti-rush Chrome Plated Snap Hook:

Durable rustproof swivel hook can tightly chains up the pet and can safely protect your pet from impacting.

Smooth Anti-Twist Inlet:

the anti-twist inlet can help the rope to be tangle-free. smoothly and freely control your pet.

High-End Coil Spring for Reliable Retraction:

Heavy-duty spring for recoil action within tough ABS plastic casing

Easy-access brake control:

Unique single-button brake, lock, release and retract mechanism..