Be wary of dog dealers’ deceptive and deceptive recruitment of the symptoms and characteristics of dogs

Be wary of dog dealers’ deceptive and deceptive recruitment of the symptoms and characteristics of dogs


Watch out for deceptive tricks from dog dealers

Dyeing: This trick is most often used for bleaching of Dalmatians, Papillons or pure white dogs.

Conceal the breed of the dog: generally speaking of small native dogs as Chow Chow (some puppies are really similar), big white bears and Japanese silver foxes as Seymours, and Labrador as golden retrievers (sometimes) Even experts can’t tell the difference between these dogs). o

Change breeds through grooming: It is common that Pekingese become Shilisha, long-haired dogs become short-haired dogs, etc.Be careful when you see a beautiful dog.

Serum for sick dogs: After the serum is applied, the dog will become very mental and the condition will be covered up in two or three days. The imported serum has a more obvious effect, but after the effect of the serum, the dog’s condition will be more serious.

Hemostatic injection: Many dogs will develop bleeding after being infected with canine plague. After the injection is given, the symptoms can be stopped for a while, but if the dog is not treated immediately, the dog is likely to die.

Spray dog ​​perfume: Many sick dogs, especially those with skin diseases, will have an unpleasant smell. At this time, spraying perfume on them after bathing can conceal the smell.

How to recognize the “week dog”

“Week Dogs” refer to unhealthy puppies bought from vendors.These dogs were lively and cute when they were bought, but within a few days after returning home, they would vomit, cough and have blood in the stool, and even died in severe cases.Many hawkers give dogs serum or stimulants to make dogs appear healthy, covering up the diseases they may have.Recognizing the “week dog” is not a simple matter, because the virus has an incubation period, and people who buy a dog must use some simple methods to judge whether the dog is healthy.

The body is too thin: The reasons for the dog being too thin include insufficient food intake, suffering from parasitic diseases and medical diseases.

Abnormal stool: The general cause of diarrhea is eating too much, causing indigestion.If there is often blood in the stool, there may be parasites.In addition, constipation may be caused by internal organ problems or fractures.

Urine abnormality: normal urine is pale yellow, if the color is too dark or milky white, you may have kidney disease.If you cannot urinate, the urethra may be occluded.

Eye abnormalities: If the eyes are congested, cloudy, afraid of bright light, swollen eyes, etc., they may be irritated by foreign objects, or may be sick, such as filter virus injury, lack of vitamin B, eyelashes, and severe corneal protrusion , Chronic conjunctivitis, hepatitis, etc.

Abnormal nose: The nose of healthy dogs is moist, black and shiny.If the dog has excessive nasal fluid, nosebleeds, nasal congestion, or swelling and cracking of the nose, it may be a cold or rhinitis.

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