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How to tell if a pet dog is hungry

Many parents who raise a pet dog for the first time will encounter many problems, such as not knowing whether the dog is hungry or whether the feeding amount is sufficient. The editor suggests that before deciding to keep a pet dog, we must first understand all kinds of knowledge about dog breeding and maintenance. […]

Pet dog angry how to do

   Don’t look at the dog as an animal, but it also has emotions. In life, pet dogs will be happy, sad, excited, sad, fearful, depressed, and they will be angry. Dads and moms, do you know how the dog is angry? Do you know how to tell if the dog is angry? When a […]

How to use dog leash correctly

   A dog leash is a daily necessities for keeping a dog. You must tie a dog leash when you take your dog out, and make sure that the dog is always within your control when you bend. However, many parents who have just raised a dog do not know how to use a dog […]