Dry nose is a sign of sickness

Dry nose is a sign of sickness


As the weather gets colder, many people face chapped lips. Many friends who have pets at home will find that dogs often get dry noses in winter. So what is causing this? Dry noses What is the reason for this? Let me give you a detailed introduction below.

The dog gets a dry nose when he sleeps:

The dryness and wetness of a dog’s nose are relative. The wetness of a dog’s nose does not mean that it is wet, nor does it mean that it is dry. Generally, a dog will often use his tongue to lick his nose when he is awake, but when he is sleeping, he will lick his nose. It will become dry. This is normal and not a disease. It’s like people sometimes lick their lips to keep them moisturized, but the lips will be dry after waking up in the morning.So it is normal for a dog to get up in the morning and have a dry nose.

Why does a dog’s nose get wet:

A dog’s nose is wet, not because the dog’s nose secretes something to make the nose wet, but the dog’s nose gets wet by licking it with the tongue.Dogs need to add the nose to keep the nose moist and sensitive.Nose licking, which is very difficult for us, is very easy for dogs.

Dry nose is often a sign of illness

Because the dog’s wet nose is licked with his tongue, at some point, when the dog gets sick, it will not have the energy to do this simple action.Just like a person who is sick, we may not care if we wash our face or brush our teeth because of physical discomfort. Dogs do not have this interest when they are sick.So once the dog does not lick his nose, it is probably because the dog is going to be sick.

Dry nose is the basic manifestation of dog disease.The most common reason may be getting angry.If the dog gets angry, add some minerals or glucose to the water and drink plenty of water.


If the dog’s nose is dry, it is accompanied by diarrhea, does not eat (but is sane), and the thing pulled is first chocolate-colored, foul-smelling; then pulled white, bloodshot, and sticky.This is the most terrifying parvovirus.Usually it will cause death.If you find it early, you can save it.Serum injections are generally used.

If the accompanying high fever does not go away, and you become confused, walk backwards and bite.Mostly dog ​​plague.It is an infectious disease, and it is extremely likely to die.The treatment result will not be too ideal and may cause brain damage.It is best to get a vaccine to prevent the epidemic.

So once your dog’s nose is dry, take his temperature from the anus as soon as possible.If you have a fever, take some anti-inflammatory drugs.See if there is any improvement in the next day. If not, it is necessary to see a doctor. It is best to have a regular veterinarian.


In fact, there are many reasons for a dog’s dry nose, not only the conditions I mentioned, there must be other conditions, so when you think your dog’s nose is dry, you must not panic and think that your dog must be suffering from a serious illness. Try to moisten its nose with a little warm water.Then judge and diagnose according to the situation.Of course, a dog’s nose is easy to dry when it catches a cold. Everyone knows that, at this time, just treat it for a cold.

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