How many times a dog urinates a day is related to the amount of water the dog drinks per day


Dogs urinate several times a day. When they are young, they can’t control their excretion, so they may pee many times a day. When the dog can control its behavior, the owner may teach it to go outside to poop. They will only be excreted when the owner takes them out for a walk. There should be no precise answer to the question of how many times a dog urinates a day. This is also related to the dog’s own daily diet.

Under normal circumstances, dogs may have a need for excretion every time they eat for about 30 minutes, and they will urinate for about 15 minutes every time they drink water. In addition, they also need to excrete every morning when they wake up. This is proven through research, the excretion habit of most dogs. However, how many times a dog urinates a day is also closely related to its metabolic habits and the amount of water that it drinks every day.

The reason is very simple. If you drink less water, the number of times your dog will urinate every day will be relatively reduced. If the dog is always drinking water frequently throughout the day, then you may also find that the dog is always peeing. The body of a pet dog needs a certain amount of water every day. When the body cannot bear it, it will be eliminated from the body through urine. The more you drink, the more you get rid of, and of course, the more times your dog pee per day.

As long as it is a healthy dog, there are no clear restrictions and regulations on the number of urinations per day. However, it is worth noting that if the dog urinates frequently, he does not drink much water every day and pee constantly, and every time it is a few drops of a few drops, parents should pay attention to this situation, because the dog is very You may have been infected with a urinary tract disease, you have to diagnose and receive treatment as soon as possible, otherwise the physical damage to the pet dog will be irreparable.

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