How old can a miniature doberman grow


For the understanding of miniature pinscher and fawn, many people think that these are two different dogs, while some people think that these are one kind of dog. The Miniature Pinscher is also called a deer dog because it looks like a deer. Search for miniature doberman on Baidu Encyclopedia, you will know that this is a very special dog, with a lively and cheerful personality, and deeply loved by people.

It is said that before 1900, this type of dog in Germany was an unknown breed. Although it looks a bit like a Doberman small dog, it has no genetic relationship with it. Because it resembles a deer, it is also called a deer dog. The miniature doberman (fawn) has a square shape. The chest is wide, the back is straight, and the abdomen is deep. Generally, the height of female deer dogs should not exceed 25 cm, the height of males should not exceed 30 cm, and the weight should not exceed 10 kg.



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