How to choose dog collars, chest straps, and traction ropesHow to use dog collars and purchase principles

How to choose dog collars, chest straps, and traction ropesHow to use dog collars and purchase principles


With the rapid increase in the number of people keeping pet dogs in cities nowadays, many large-scale canine dogs often appear in community parks and roads. As a result, a variety of dog injuries have been reported recently. So for these Situation We, as owners of pet dogs, should prepare in advance. When raising pet dogs, we must prevent and train dogs to use this assistive device in advance, so that we will avoid some unnecessary injuries. In addition to the collars, chest straps, and leashes that we need to train dogs, they also include toys to induce the dog to complete tasks, as well as food and snacks to reward the dog.

Collars, chest straps, traction ropes

Collars and leashes are very important aids when training dogs.For dogs with irregular body shapes, collars and leashes of different materials should be used.Only then can you control the dog’s movements and behavior anytime and anywhere, and successfully complete the purpose of training.

However, many owners nowadays don’t really let their dogs wear the so-called collars, but replace them with back straps.The main reason is that the collar will make the dog’s neck uncomfortable. It is easier to break free, which makes it impossible to effectively control the forward rushing dog.But the reason why the collar will not be eliminated is because under the basic collar style, based on the principle of dog behavior training, plus some additional designs, it has since become a very suitable auxiliary equipment for dog training.

There are many forms of chest straps, but in the beginning, the chest strap was not used on dogs.The English word “harness” means a harness worn on a horse.Similar products except for applications on dogs.It is also used for other purposes, but the same principle is to use multiple ropes to help pull or reduce the burden of impact.The chest harness is good for both humans and dogs. The advantage is that the owner is pulling the dog.The dog’s neck will not be so uncomfortable, and the owner can rest assured to apply force.And the dog will not break free because the collar is too loose.

When to use collars, chest straps and leashes

Collars, chest straps and leashes can be said to be necessary for every owner to raise dogs. In addition to training the dog, it can be used to regulate the dog’s behavior and let the dog obey orders. It is also usually used by the owner and the dog. The best weapon to quickly establish a good master-servant relationship.In addition, when the dog has a stubborn personality or a strange behavior, the correct use of collars, chest straps and leashes can also obtain excellent correction effects.

Choosing principles for collars, chest straps and leashes

1. The collar and chest strap should be comfortable to wear and should not cause damage to the skin and hair.

2. The strength should be enough to be able to control the dog correctly and quickly and fix it in a certain range.

3. The material should be selected and made fine.High durability and beautiful appearance.

4. The seams are neat, and the contact surface needs to be carefully polished so as not to cause unnecessary harm to the dog and the user when the new product is used.

Types of collars, chest straps and leashes

When choosing dog collars, chest straps and leashes, most people often decide the color and style according to their own preferences. In fact, this is not right.When we are buying these supplies.The actual consideration should be the size of the dog and the thickness of the neck.Even the character of a dog.Here are some common collars.The chest strap and leash are used as references for the owner when purchasing.


The materials are divided into leather, nylon, plastic, cotton and synthetic leather, etc. The leather collar made of cowhide has a long service life.Close to the dog’s skin, the oil from the dog’s body will seep into it.The cortex will be shiny, softer, toughness will increase, and the service life will be lengthened.But small dogs do not have to use leather, generally a traditional single ring collar with bells can also be used.

Neck strap:

The neck strap is composed of two nylon straps, one is a nose ring sleeve that acts on the dog’s snout and the other is a neck strap that applies force to the upper end of the neck.By distinguishing the leash between relaxation and slight tightening, let the dog understand that when the neck strap is not struggling and accepts the neck strap, the neck strap is loose and will not make it uncomfortable.The neck strap can be used to train the dog’s obedience, so that the dog can clearly know the status between you and it.For dogs that are easy and like to pounce, the correction effect obtained by using the neck strap is definitely more gentle and effective than chasing it with a cane.

P word chain:

There are different thicknesses of the P-shaped chain. You can choose the appropriate wearing according to the dog’s body shape. The most important thing to use the P-shaped chain is the correct way of wearing it.If the person is on the right and the dog is on the left, the chain must be in the shape of “p” when wearing the dog. In this way, the direction of force is correct: if it is in the shape of q, the direction is completely wrong. As soon as you pull, the dog’s neck will be tied, improper use, and even injury to the dog’s trachea.Of course, if the person is on the left and the dog is on the right, you have to wear it backwards, showing the word q.In addition to the correct direction of the chain and the correct position of the dog when using a P-shaped chain, you must always pay attention to the lubricity of the chain, otherwise it is easy to hurt the dog.

The main function of the P sub-chain is not to make the dog painful. Its key point is “instant use”. It must be used quickly and accurately. The main function is to pull the chain quickly to make it instantaneously tighten and make the dog feel uncomfortable. The moment you encounter a dog, you will stop, just like a sword contest between people.It is also because the use of P-chain must be very careful, a little carelessness will hurt the dog, if the dog is timid or the relationship has not been established.Never use it.Before using, be sure to consult an expert.At the same time, put the P-chain on your arm and practice it several times to master the trick, and then use it on your dog.

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