How to correct the bad habits of the puppy Training methods to correct the bad habits of the dog


How to correct a puppy’s bad habits

Biting things: Many puppies like to bite on furniture, shoes and other items. In fact, this is because the puppies feel lonely or upset. In this case, you’d better put them in a relatively small area (such as cages, cartons, etc.) for a period of time, so as to make the puppy feel safe. You can also play music at the same time, or give them to the small area. Some toys for the dog. If the puppy bites something in front of you, you should say “No” aloud to it, and flick the tip of the dog’s nose with your finger as a warning.

Turn over the trash: If the puppy turns over the trash, be sure to yell and stop it. Let it leave the trash immediately; use a beneficial trash can at home, or put the trash out of the puppy’s reach.

Chasing people or cars: If the puppy is chasing pedestrians or vehicles on the road, you should first lengthen the dog’s rope a little bit, then pull it back vigorously, and at the same time reprimand it loudly. If the puppy continues to make mistakes, you should let it Stop and punish it with the tip of the nose. After such a few times, the puppies will no longer chase and run wildly.

Licking things on the ground: When a puppy licks the ground, you should first think about whether it is not full, and if necessary, you can feed it. If it is obviously full and still licks the objects on the ground, you should break it immediately Take out the contents of the mouth and tap its chin at the same time. This can prevent the puppy from being poisoned by eating indiscriminately.

Jump on others: The puppy thinks this can please people, but sometimes it will scare your guests away.

At this time, you might as well act as follows

1 Gently pull its front toe, press it on the ground, and stop it with a sound. If you make another mistake, you will hit the tip of the nose.

2. Grasp its forefoot and gently push it back to make it somersault backwards.

3. Use your knees to hold it against its scorpion and apply pressure, as long as you don’t hurt it.

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