How to ensure the safety of pets at home, travel and place pets at home


How to ensure the safety of pets at home

First of all, pay attention to the balcony and windows of your home. Many gaps can cause pets to fall from the building. Therefore, the fences of balconies and windows must be heightened, and the gaps that are too wide should be enclosed with barbed wire.

Secondly, make sure that there are no exposed wires in the home. It is best to cut off the power of household appliances when the owner is out and about to sleep.

Also, pay attention to the ropes and threads in your home. Kittens and puppies are particularly attracted to ropes and threads, and mistakenly believe that they are toys. If they are swallowed carelessly, they will block the intestines, and they may cause suffocation. . Normally, they may be entangled when they play with curtain ropes and blinds, and they may be injured or strangled to death. Therefore, the curtain rope must be knotted or shortened in length to prevent pets from pulling at will.

How to house pets in your home when traveling

The owner chooses a short-term trip of 2″3 days for pets in the house, so you only need to prepare enough food and water for your pets. Experts recommend an automatic feeder that can store about 5,000 grams of dog food and food at a time. 5 liters of water.’When pets are hungry or thirsty, as long as the food in the small bowl is eaten up, the food and water in the storage will be automatically replenished, and there will be no food or water shortage. But this kind of automatic feeding only It is limited to pets who know how to go to the bathroom. Otherwise, when the owner returns home a few days later, I am afraid that the floor is full of excrement and there is nowhere to go.

Keeping pets at homes of relatives and friends means putting your pets in the homes of relatives and friends. Experts remind you that it usually takes 3″5 days for pets to familiarize themselves with the environment. Therefore, pets and temporary owners should do so a few days before the trip. Several close contacts will not only familiarize the temporary owner with the pet’s character and temper, but also prevent the pet from thinking of being abandoned because he suddenly leaves his owner, causing great emotional fluctuations, and even hunger strikes.

In terms of putting pets in professional pet boarding centers, in my own home and at homes of relatives and friends, professional pet boarding centers charge higher fees. Taking small dogs in Beijing as an example, the daily fee ranges from 50 to 100 yuan.

Although a professional boarding center can provide professional care for pets, before sending your pet to the boarding center, do not forget to bring your dog certificate and immunization certificate, as well as the dog food, food utensils and utensils that pets usually eat. It is a sleeping pad that it usually uses. Because after changing the living environment, pets may lose their appetite due to poor mood. If they are replaced with unpalatable food, they may go on hunger strike to protest.

It is especially reminded that aging, frail, and young pets need more special care. After all, the pet boarding center has limited manpower, so do not cultivate this kind of pet sex; for timid dogs, use a gentle tone and light The action is close and patiently induced. All in all, it is necessary to tune into the characteristics of dogs.

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