How to make a dog learn to be alone


How to let a dog learn to be alone

Communication method: Before going out, tell it to the owner with an attitude and kindly wait at home, tell it that there will be delicious prizes when the owner comes back. It is best to give it some delicious snacks, or put the dog’s favorite food on the toy bone or dog chew.

Cultivating self-confidence method: A dog with strong self-confidence is not easy to produce anxiety. You may wish to play some games with the dog, fully praise and praise its outstanding performance in the game, and strengthen its self-confidence.

Slow separation method: Give it a snack, and then the owner will come back after leaving for a few minutes. Although it was only a brief separation, the dog would still jump up with joy, as if reunited after a long absence. After that, the separation time was gradually lengthened, leaving the house many times in a day, until the dog was too lazy to care about the owner’s in and out, and was not affected by the separation.

Exercise method: Before going out, you can take the puppy to exercise outdoors, so that it consumes a lot of physical strength, so that the dog will be tired when returning home and hope to sleep.

Attention shift method: You can give it an old clothes or socks full of the smell of the owner. The familiar smell will make it feel that the owner is still with it, and it will feel safe. Often provide the dog with some fun toys, so that it can focus on playing, so that the uneasy emotions can be transferred.

How to make dogs love their kind

If you buy a new dog, the original dog will be a little dissatisfied, eating and sleeping will be abnormal. You can’t simply reprimand at this time, otherwise the dog’s mood will be even worse. You must know that these performances of the dog are caused by fear of falling out of favor, so you may wish to let the original dog eat first when eating, hug it first when holding the dog, and at the same time lift the new dog to approach it. If not, the last resort is to lock the two dogs in a room and let them quarrel, so that the dogs can see the strengths and weaknesses from the battle, and naturally establish a hierarchical status. In the future, both dogs will be convinced. The natural law of dogs.

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