How to prevent the main symptoms of pet disease rabies


How to prevent pet diseases

1. Go to the relevant departments to vaccinate your pets in time, especially for pets that are adopted home on the street, you must first go to the veterinary department to check the well for the vaccinations.

2. Every year, check pets for parasites and give them insecticides regularly. At the same time, the pet’s resting place should be cleaned up every day and disinfected regularly.

3. Avoid kissing pets with your nose or mouth, do not eat at the same table with pets, and do not share tableware with pets. After touching pets, be sure to wash your hands promptly. When a child is bitten by an animal, go to the hospital for debridement in time.

4. If pets are often outdoors, check them regularly for lice parasites. In addition to vaccinations as required, they must also go to the hospital or CDC for deworming regularly.

Puppies under 5.1 years of age and 1 year old cats should be dewormed once a month, adult dogs should be dewormed once every six months, and adult cats should be dewormed once a year.

The main symptoms of rabies

Rabies often has a short incubation period, about 1-4 days, manifested as moderate fever, malaise, loss of appetite, headache, nausea, etc.; then it enters the symptom period of the nervous system, about 2-20 days, and there is increased stress. Usually manifested with increased muscle tone and facial muscle spasms. Hyperhidrosis, manic behavior, anxiety, spasmodic painful muscle contractions occur after sympathetic nervous system damage, and muscle cramps in the throat and other parts of the throat when swallowing are afraid of drinking water. The course of the disease generally does not exceed 6 days.

Rabies way for spreading

Due to the short course of rabies and the extremely high case fatality rate, which is almost 100%, the incidence of rabies is increasing. “Pet fever” is the main reason for the rising incidence of rabies in some areas.The main source of rabies infection is dogs.Followed by cats, in addition, there are many wild animals that can spread rabies.Sometimes animals do not get sick, but because they carry the rabies virus, these seemingly “healthy” venomous animals can also cause rabies if they bite people.In addition, eating the meat of rabies animals, contacting dogs with the virus and their blood and secretions, and contacting patients suffering from rabies may also be infected.

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