How to tell if a pet dog is hungry


Many parents who raise a pet dog for the first time will encounter many problems, such as not knowing whether the dog is hungry or whether the feeding amount is sufficient. The editor suggests that before deciding to keep a pet dog, we must first understand all kinds of knowledge about dog breeding and maintenance. Know how the dog will react to indicate that it is hungry, and feed regularly and quantitatively every day to ensure that the dog can grow up healthily.

We know that dogs are hungry and intolerant animals. This is caused by many years of life in the wild. Even if a dog is now a pet dog, he does not need to find food by himself, but his physiological habit of being hungry and intolerant is still of. Of course, when the dog is hungry, it will also react, and as the owner, the dog can judge whether the dog is hungry or not based on this hunger response.

If it is a puppies, when they are hungry, they will usually yell. Although the sound is not loud, it is enough to stimulate you. The hungry cry of the puppies sounds pitiful, a bit like a newborn baby who has nothing to eat and is hungry. For adult dogs, if they are hungry, they may bark loudly to remind you to “feed”. However, some dogs will endure it. They will not bark, but the whole state will be low and spiritless. They may lie in the kennel, close their eyes and rest, and sometimes they will make a grunting noise in their stomachs.

Generally speaking, different pet dogs and dogs of different ages may react differently when they are hungry. On the whole, if the pet dog has the above reaction, it means that the dog is hungry and needs to be prepared for feeding. As a parent, you should also observe the dog’s state and changes more carefully in your daily life, and you must clearly know the meaning of the dog’s different physical states.

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