How to use dog leash correctly



A dog leash is a daily necessities for keeping a dog. You must tie a dog leash when you take your dog out, and make sure that the dog is always within your control when you bend. However, many parents who have just raised a dog do not know how to use a dog leash correctly. Here, the editor is talking about how to properly use dog leashes in the process of raising dogs.

The first, you must put a dog leash on the pet dog first, pay attention to the tightness of the dog leash to be moderate. After putting on a dog leash, extend two fingers and insert it into the dog’s neck to feel the tightness of the leash. Generally, if the two fingers are not tight or loose after inserting, it means that you are wearing a leash. The tightness is just right.

Second, when going out, the dog leash should be tightly held in your own hand, whether it is left or right hand, as long as you think you can hold the leash well and control the dog. Generally speaking, the state of the dog leash should be a little drooping from the dog’s collar to maintain a certain degree of slack.

Third, when walking outdoors, you can try to keep the dog on your right side, and then move in the same direction. Keeping the dog on your right side can better isolate the dog from danger. Dogs are more susceptible to irritation when they go out, and they like to run around. Even if they are pulling on a leash, they may be taken by the dog to run forward. In this way, they are prone to dangers such as being hit by a bicycle.

It’s not difficult to use the dog leash correctly. Usually strengthen the dog’s accompanying training, and pay more attention to it when leaning, so that you can well control the leash and control the accompanying pet dog.


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