Misunderstandings of dog vaccination and precautions for dogs to go to the hospital


Misunderstandings of dog vaccination

Misunderstanding 1: You will not be infected without going out, so you don’t need to get a vaccine. The number of pets is constantly increasing, the density is also increasing rapidly, the exchanges between relatives and friends, the owner’s outing, these may bring the virus to the dogs in the house.

Misunderstanding 2: Vaccines are so important that they should be given as early as possible. Comment If the puppy comes from a messy environment and is often infected with a terrible disease, then the vaccination will be counterproductive. You should go to the hospital to inject serum, and observe for about 10 days after recuperation. If there is no problem, then get immunization. If the puppy is too young to be vaccinated, it may be interfered by maternal antibodies and affect the immune effect. The first shot of hexalinked vaccine should be injected after the puppy is 45 days old, and the first shot of rabies vaccine should be injected after the puppy has reached 3 months.

Misunderstanding 3: The dog is very healthy after being vaccinated. Comment: There are hundreds of diseases that can occur in dogs, and vaccines can only prevent six or seven of them. Get vaccinated in time, and pay close attention to the dog’s health.

Misunderstanding 4: The first year’s vaccine is the most important, and the annual vaccine will not matter. Reminder: Every year’s vaccine should be paid attention to, and the annual vaccine should be about half a month earlier than the injection time of the previous year to prevent accidents when the vaccine is about to expire.

Precautions for pets going to the hospital

Bring cushions: The desks in hospitals are all made of metal. Some hospitals do not disinfect at all when they are busy, so you must bring cushions.

Look for a good doctor: the level of doctors in the same hospital will vary. Take a needle stick, some techniques are very good, and some don’t stick a few times.

Try not to run the needle: there are too many people in the infusion room, and the doctor cannot always watch your pet, so the owner can only be careful not to run the needle.

The speed of the infusion is rather slow than fast: do not worry about the infusion. It is normal for animals to urinate once or twice during the infusion. Therefore, the owner must remember to put a paper changing pad under the pet’s body.

Do not eat before anesthesia: If your pet must be anesthetized, do not let it eat anything. When handing the dog to the veterinarian, it is best to spread a blanket or old clothes on the floor and let it lie on its stomach. Go to the hospital as little as possible. The hospital is a place where viruses and germs are concentrated, and pets can easily cross-infect them. Before asking the doctor to examine the pet, be sure to ask him to wear disposable gloves or disinfect them.

Prevent biting: If it always wants to bite, you can gently tie the mouth with a bandage (collars, leashes or dog leashes will come in handy in this case).

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