How to choose dog collars, chest straps, and traction ropesHow to use dog collars and purchase principles

With the rapid increase in the number of people keeping pet dogs in cities nowadays, many large-scale canine dogs often appear in community parks and roads. As a result, a variety of dog injuries have been reported recently. So for these Situation We, as owners of pet dogs, should prepare in advance. When raising pet […]


How to interact and communicate with the dog. Interact and communicate with the dog. Emotional skills

Many friends who own pet dogs admire the obedient and well-behaved dogs in the TV series. Many people are curious about how these cute and obedient dogs are trained and how do dog owners communicate with their dogs? Like children, dogs need to develop a tacit understanding and then run in, so that the dog […]


What to do if the cat is lost. Tips and precautions for letting the cat go home

With the increase in the number of cats nowadays, many urban friends will choose to raise a cute kitten at home as their cute pet. In fact, a cat is a very recognizable pet, and it is very well-behaved in some specific environments. Tender, sometimes the cat is mischievous and it makes the owner feel […]


How long can a dog generally live? In general, the life expectancy is 10-15 years

      How long do dogs generally liveNowadays, keeping a dog is not a rare thing. Many families will keep a pet dog to increase the fun of the family. For those who raise a dog, they are very concerned about the life span of the dog. Feelings, then how long do dogs generally […]


How to identify a dog that will bite a person and analyze the age of the dog through the teeth in detail

How to recognize a dog that bites First of all, you can gently pull the dog’s tail or ears. If it squeaks, the nose is wrinkled upwards, the back hair is straight, and the eyes are fierce. This shows that this is a very nervous dog, and it is likely to become a dog in […]


Be wary of dog dealers’ deceptive and deceptive recruitment of the symptoms and characteristics of dogs

Watch out for deceptive tricks from dog dealers Dyeing: This trick is most often used for bleaching of Dalmatians, Papillons or pure white dogs. Conceal the breed of the dog: generally speaking of small native dogs as Chow Chow (some puppies are really similar), big white bears and Japanese silver foxes as Seymours, and Labrador […]


The difference between Alaska and Husky in six directions, easily distinguish who is the second ha

In recent years, there have always been people who are blind and confuse Huskies with Alaska. In fact, their temperament is still a lot worse. Huskies are a teaser who loves to be cute, and Alaska is the awe-inspiring boss. In addition, Alaska’s character is relatively loyal and brave, and he is the eldest son […]

How to tell if a pet dog is hungry

Many parents who raise a pet dog for the first time will encounter many problems, such as not knowing whether the dog is hungry or whether the feeding amount is sufficient. The editor suggests that before deciding to keep a pet dog, we must first understand all kinds of knowledge about dog breeding and maintenance. […]

Pet dog angry how to do

   Don’t look at the dog as an animal, but it also has emotions. In life, pet dogs will be happy, sad, excited, sad, fearful, depressed, and they will be angry. Dads and moms, do you know how the dog is angry? Do you know how to tell if the dog is angry? When a […]

How to use dog leash correctly

   A dog leash is a daily necessities for keeping a dog. You must tie a dog leash when you take your dog out, and make sure that the dog is always within your control when you bend. However, many parents who have just raised a dog do not know how to use a dog […]