Pet dog angry how to do



Don’t look at the dog as an animal, but it also has emotions. In life, pet dogs will be happy, sad, excited, sad, fearful, depressed, and they will be angry. Dads and moms, do you know how the dog is angry? Do you know how to tell if the dog is angry?

When a dog is angry, it also has unique behaviors. For example, when a dog is angry, its nose will be lifted, its upper lip will be pulled apart, and its teeth will be exposed. The dog’s ears were straightened obliquely backward, and his mouth was baring teeth, making a whirring sound. Sometimes it will stom the feet forcefully, the angry dog ​​will become stiff body, the coat will be erect, the tail will be sharp or straight, and it will keep a certain distance from you.

If you find that the dog has the above-mentioned expression, you can tell that the dog is angry now. If the dog is just a little angry, then the owner may wish to comfort him. If the dog is very angry, then the owner should find a way to calm his emotions, and don’t let the pet dog impulsively attack people.


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