What are the reasons why a dog does not eat for a day


Does the dog not eat for a day? Since the dog has become a member of the family, it has been concerned about the owner’s heart when it eats, drinks, and sleeps. Suddenly one day he finds that the dog hasn’t eaten anything for a whole day. Give him something he likes to eat. Food does not catch a cold. What is the reason? The editor will tell you what is the reason if a dog does not eat. Let the hosts come and learn together.

  • 1. It may be the unsuitability caused by the sudden change of real objects. It was feeding those things with its previous physical objects and slowly changing its recipe.
  • 2. It is caused by picky eating. If you give it food that people eat before, it is normal to not like dog food after eating it. You can solve this problem by mixing wet food with dry food. Picky eaters: Buy wet food such as fresh buns and cans and mix them into dog food, and then gradually reduce the amount to reduce their dependence on wet food.
  • 3. Caused by parasites. If you have eaten well before, you will have poor appetite for some reason, and you may have rough back hair or weight loss. The possibility of parasites is very high. Dogs who often eat raw and cold meat are particularly prone to parasites. It is recommended that they be dewormed regularly to prevent them.
  • 4. Anorexia caused by certain internal diseases, most diseases, including infectious diseases, will cause eating less and less, and then gradually stop eating anything. Due to illness and loss of appetite, you should eat less and more meals, and provide them with special flavor, good palatability, and easy digestion and absorption.
  • 5. Poor gastrointestinal tract. Maintaining a dog’s nutritional needs refers to the amount of energy, protein, minerals, vitamins, etc. that a healthy dog ​​needs for energy, protein, minerals, vitamins, etc., when the body’s various nutrients are in a state of maintaining balance without exercise. Therefore, it is very important to add some vitamin supplements to dogs in a timely manner, such as MAG Jinvita, which can not only supplement more than 40 vitamins and minerals in the dog’s body, but also regulate the intestines and stomach.

So when your dog’s appetite is not good, you don’t have to worry, first observe its behavior, if it is due to the above reasons, stop feeding one or two meals or adjust the feed. But if the dog does not eat for more than 24 hours, be careful, and it is best to take it to the pet hospital for examination.

By understanding and knowing why our dog doesn’t eat, we can deal with it in a targeted manner, effectively and safely solve the problem of the dog’s non-eating, instead of blindly seeing him not eating, just buy digestive medicine, various Medicine is not conducive to solving the problem, but makes the problem more serious!

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