What to do if a dog bites shoes

What to do if a dog bites shoes


      With the rise of the urban dog-raising family, now there are people who are walking their dogs in the park or on the street with their pets everywhere. Many novice friends will inevitably find that the newly raised little cute pet will always unconsciously bite at home. The owner’s slippers actually go through such a period in every dog’s life. Biting slippers makes many pet owners feel puzzled. Why do dogs like to bite slippers? What is the cause? The following is from the editor. Let’s solve this mystery.

1. The dog is curious

Adult pet dogs don’t have to eat something that smells vigorous, so they may rub your shoes and play with your shoes.However, young dogs don’t know that when puppies are full of curiosity about things around them, they treat objects as playmates, so puppies will bite your shoes like eating.

2. The dog likes the taste of the owner

The shoes worn by the owner have a distinct owner’s taste, which is familiar and familiar to the dog.Therefore, as long as it is your shoes, they will smell, play, or bite.And research shows that 50 sweat glands on human feet can release sweat full of the smell of the owner every day.This taste has great appeal to dogs.

3. Possessive

Dogs only like to bite a person’s shoes. In fact, dogs like each other and get close to that person, so they like to take her things as their own. Sometimes they will hide their shoes in their dens or other corners of the room.

4. Dogs like shoes made of certain materials

Some shoes, such as leather shoes, the taste and soft taste of this leather sometimes have a great attraction to certain dogs.

5. Dogs are changing teeth and growing teeth

Another reason that dogs like to chew on shoes is that they are teething and changing teeth, especially when puppies are 3~6 months after birth, when their baby teeth are about to become permanent teeth. The itch will be relieved by biting something.

6. Dogs need someone to accompany them and want to draw your attention

If the dog always likes to bite, it is that it is alone at home. It wants to attract your attention, even if it gets a big beating, just like a child, but in the final analysis, it is because we spend too little time with it.

7. Dogs lack trace elements

Some dogs not only like to hold shoes, but also swallow shoe materials, decorations, and even insoles.The main reason for this situation is that the dog has a pica, and you can buy some trace element powder for it to eat.

What to do if the dog bites the shoes?

· Restrict him from playing in the kennel and playground, and don’t let him go to the bedroom at will.

· Give it toys to play with, such as cowhide fake bones, hard balls, dog chews, dog bite ropes, and special dog toy slippers.

· Increase the amount of walking time and exercise outside.

· A dog who likes the smell of the owner’s shoes can give him some old slippers, old socks, and even some old pajamas in his den.

· Dogs with pica swallowing shoes should supplement trace elements appropriately.

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