What to do if Samoyed’s nails are broken



Satsuma yay’s broken nails are also very common, just as people occasionally break their nails in life. Don’t worry too much about Samoye’s broken nails. Don’t worry too much after seeing Samoye’s broken nails. First of all, carefully check the fracture of Samoye’s nails, and then try to deal with it.

If there is no bleeding in the case of Samoye nail fracture, it may be that the Samoye nail is too long and the middle is broken. Samoye does not bleed, nor does it affect the normal activities of Samoye, so the owner does not have to worry. However, the nail clippers should be taken out at this time. It is necessary to trim the nails for Samoye.

If Samoye’s nails are broken and bleeding, Samoye will feel pain when walking, and he will turn and turn. So we must first give Samoye disinfection and sterilization to prevent wound infection. If the nail is not completely broken, and Samoye is bleeding, it’s better to go to the pet hospital, ask the doctor to trim the nail for Samoye, and then disinfect and bandage it.

It is worth noting that when Samoye’s nails are broken and injured, he should not take Samoye out for a walk. It is more appropriate for him to lie on the ground. In addition, it’s best to put an Elizabethan ring on Samoye to prevent him from licking his injured toenails. Under normal circumstances, Samoye will soon be back to health.

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