What to do if the cat is lost. Tips and precautions for letting the cat go home

What to do if the cat is lost. Tips and precautions for letting the cat go home


With the increase in the number of cats nowadays, many urban friends will choose to raise a cute kitten at home as their cute pet. In fact, a cat is a very recognizable pet, and it is very well-behaved in some specific environments. Tender, sometimes the cat is mischievous and it makes the owner feel helpless. Pet owners often tell us that the cute pet cats in the house often play hide-and-seek games with the owner. They often can’t find them at home after returning home. Cats, in fact, it is very dangerous if cats often make such actions. Cats will get tired after staying in an environment for a long time. Some cats will run away from home and play outside. Many pet owners get lost in the cats. After that, I will panic and don’t know how to go. Instead, I missed the prime time to find a cat. What should we do after the cat is lost? Let me introduce you in detail to let the cat go home. Tips and precautions.

3. If you find a cat lost, you must first look for it in time. The first XNUMX days when the cat is lost is the prime time to find the cat. At this time, the cat is usually near home, such as in the corridors or hidden places. You must hurry to find it. The possibility of recovery is very high.

XNUMX. Go up as far as possible, because every cat has the habit of running up. If it is a multi-storey elevator, try not to miss each floor. Domestic cats are generally easy to be frightened and forget the way home.

XNUMX. Don’t let go of calling its name at the door of each unit. In fact, cats recognize their owners very well and their ears are very sensitive. If they hear it, they usually call it.

Fourth, 7-10 days after the loss, it is still an important time to retrieve the cat. Domestic cats are very timid and are still nearby to a large extent. You can find stray cats or gathering places nearby. , The nature of the cat can easily guide it to the place where its kind gathers.

7. Don’t give up after 10-XNUMX days. The cat may still be waiting for you. If it can’t find a place to eat and drink, it may choose to go farther.Domestic cats generally have not been out of the house. Once they go out, they are easy to get lost, especially now that the buildings and floor layouts are very similar.

XNUMX. You can grab a bit of the cat litter used by the cat and place it where you think the cat might run. The cat will usually wait in place when it smells it. There are also the cat’s rice bowl and water basin, and it can also be placed on the window sill or the door. Anything that smells of cats is fine.

XNUMX. After a cat is lost, there are basically two different reactions. One is to be afraid but still knows the owner and will come out when he hears the owner’s call. The second is to be so scared that he no longer knows who is who and meets people Just run, you must be patient at this time!

XNUMX. Don’t be too impatient to scare the cat away. No matter what the situation is, the cat is scared in an unfamiliar environment. Once you see a cat, don’t shout loudly. You must approach as quietly as possible, just like As usual at home, once you catch it, don’t let it go.

XNUMX. If you have not been able to find it, you may have been picked up by someone. At this time, you can paste the cat hunting revelation near your home. In a more conspicuous place, be careful not to be torn off.

XNUMX. After many cats ran out, even if there was a place for cats to eat nearby, they might not be able to eat them in the first few days. One was because they were afraid, and the other was because they would be bullied by the local cats there, especially the neutered cats.

There are many reasons why cats get lost. It may be because they have not been neutered, they went out romantically after estrus, they may be angry, or the pressure is too great, or they may be curiosity. If you lose it accidentally, please don’t give it up.

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