What to do if the dog has acute pancreatitis



I recently encountered two dogs with pancreatitis. One dog was caused by poisoning and the other was caused by inappropriate eating when they were too old. Both dogs are very dangerous. This disease that usually seemed to be far away from us now seems to happen frequently. In any case, it is worthy of our dog’s attention.

What is pancreatitis

Pancreatitis in dogs is basically similar to pancreatitis in humans. It is caused by abnormal pancreatic enzymes. It seems that more of the possibility of causing pancreatitis is gastrointestinal or gallbladder problems, but the possibility of inflammation of the pancreas itself is relatively low. In many cases, pancreatitis is caused by gastroenteritis or cholecystitis. Therefore, we can also start with the digestive system to cause pancreatitis, such as an excessive meal, such as a meal with a lot of meat, such as always like to eat foods with a lot of fat, and so on. And for dogs who can’t speak, if they have pancreatitis, it must be acute.

Symptoms of acute pancreatitis in dogs

The symptoms of pancreatitis in dogs with digestive system are the most obvious, such as vomiting, diarrhea and even blood in the stool. Stomach pain may manifest as not letting people touch their stomachs and not letting the owner hold them. These are very similar to the symptoms of dog gastroenteritis, but in fact, it is really difficult for us to distinguish. In addition, the dog I mentioned above did not pull and vomit. It was toxic. It just started to faint suddenly. So it is actually difficult for us to judge acute pancreatitis in dogs. of.



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