What to do if the dog is unhappy and angry


Dogs like cushions very much, especially cushions with their own scent. Sometimes even if the dog under the same roof wants to sit on it, it will hum and threaten it. The training method here is basically the same as the previous page. It’s not wrong for the dog to get on the ground. But let the dog remember how to move from there.

Use the method of induction to teach the dog to move away. At the beginning, the hand giving the instruction should hold the reward. Once the dog can do it, use this hand as the hand giving the instruction. Do not hold the reward at this time.

A dog’s anger can be satisfied to a certain extent, so this is one of the main reasons for a dog’s anger (humming). However, some dogs are also angry because they are afraid of touching (or a part of the body, etc.), this is a signal sent to you by your dog. So don’t get angry with the dog casually, or reprimand the dog, the owner should carefully look for the cause of the dog’s hum. In any case, it is very important to take measures as soon as possible before the dog’s behavior escalates from “humming” to “biting”. Note that if the dog can’t change it anyway, it may be because it is uncomfortable, so it is best to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

On the contrary, this time I will teach the dog to lie on the cushion. Your voice should be gentle at this time. After the dog is finished, use the hand other than the instruction to give the dog snacks as a reward and praise the dog.

Finally, you can put the snacks around the room instead of taking them with you. Once the dog has done something right as instructed, you can take the dog with you to get snacks. However, the placement of snacks should be changed frequently to make the dog think that there are snacks in many parts of the room.


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