What’s the matter with a swollen lump on the dog’s body



From the medical point of view, there are many reasons for a dog’s long bag, lumps, lumps, or small bumps. As a parent, you should pay close attention to any small problems that appear on the dog, and promptly treat the more and more severe conditions. , So as to prevent minor illnesses from becoming serious illnesses. So what might be the case with a swollen lump on the dog’s body?

First of all, every time a dog is injected or vaccinated, a swollen and hard piece may be left at the injection site. Most of this situation is because the drug is not absorbed in time, forming packs, lumps and small bumps under the skin. In this case, parents don’t need to worry, thinking that after some time the medicine is absorbed, the swelling will disappear.

Secondly, sometimes there is a swollen lump on a certain part of the dog’s body, and it exists for a long time, or there is a tendency to become bigger and bigger. Then the parents should pay attention and take the dog to the hospital for diagnosis to see if it is a tumor. It’s just that this type of lumps or lumps are related to tumors or cancers, so the dog’s situation is more dangerous. Of course, it may also be a benign tumor, and the dog can quickly return to normal after surgery.

In principle, parents don’t need to worry too much about a bag or a lump on the dog’s body. But be sure to closely observe the development of the dog’s swelling and lumps, and it is best to go to the hospital as soon as possible to find out the cause, and then proceed to the next step, to ensure that the dog is healthy, and if there is a disease, it must be treated as soon as possible.


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