What’s the meaning of dog’s tail



Dog’s tail is very flexible, can make a lot of different movements, such as one will stand up, one will hang down, one will swing violently left and right, one will turn up high and so on. Different states of a dog’s tail have different meanings. Do you know what it means to have a dog’s tail upright?

Someone once studied dogs and concluded that “a dog wags its tail on a living object. The effect of wagging its tail is equivalent to a human smile. The action of a dog’s tail is also a kind of ‘language’ Of course, different breeds of dogs have different tail sizes and shapes. However, the meaning of their tail movements should be similar.

For example, when a dog has its tail up, it may be very happy and excited to see its owner. Generally speaking, when a dog’s tail is upright, it means that he is in a good mood; When the tail is high, it means that it is in a happy mood; When the dog’s tail droops, or the tail is sandwiched between the hind legs, it means that the dog is very timid, it may be in danger; If the dog’s tail wags rapidly and horizontally, it means that the dog is in a peaceful mood, which means that he is in a friendly state at present.


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