Why does the little golden retriever like to roll on the floor



I have seen many Golden Retrievers who like to roll. They roll on the grass outdoors, and roll on the sofa when they get home. Why does Golden Retriever like to roll so much? What caused it? This problem is not only puzzled by Xiaobian, but also by many dog ​​parents.

The editor of    also consulted some information, and there is no authoritative research and analysis on why Golden Retriever likes to roll. But more experts will analyze this problem from the nature of the Golden Retriever. Sometimes, golden retrievers seem to prefer things that are dirty or smelly, and sometimes golden retrievers who have just bathed like to roll around, and they may also want to cover up their smell after taking a bath in this way.

Of course, sometimes the golden retriever likes to roll, or it may be a bad behavior habit that he developed since childhood. Young golden retrievers don’t know anything. Their behaviors, habits and personalities are like a piece of white paper. How do you guide the training, it will become what it is. Therefore, it is possible for some golden retrievers to be spoiled by their masters when they were young, and it is possible to develop the habit of rolling on the bed and sofa.


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