What to do if the black wolf doesn’t stand its ears for 10 months


The black wolf is smart and lively, its entire body is black and short hair. This is a large dog originally produced in northern China. If the pet owner finds out that his black wolf is 10 months old, there is no sharp claim, mainly because of calcium deficiency. At this time, the pet owner should find a response to the measures to help the black wolf dog!

First of all, when can I emit ears?

Usually, when the black wolf dog is just born, both ears must collapse. Under normal conditions, it will start to eat within about 40 days, usually on the first side, then the other side is alive, and the interval can be from one day to one or two months. However, if the black wolf is delayed, it is likely that calcium has serious calcium nutrition. Simply put, the dog’s vertical and deteriorating calcium unwind will be smoother.

Second, the reason for the delay is dissatisfaction

Therefore, if you want to make your black wolf dog, pet owners should pay attention to nutritional supplements, especially calcium nutrition during feeding. If you have time, you can feed the dog to the dog, shrimp skin, beef and bone broth to keep the dog’s nutritional balance.

However, some dogs have weak gastrointestinal absorption, and the body’s calcium conversion function is relatively poor, so it does not meet the ideal calcium supplement. Personally show that by feeding the king hope calcium emeralds make calcium, and in the sun, you can bring the black wolf to the sun, which is more beneficial to the dog’s physical and mental health.

Third, other reasons that cannot be observed

Genetic diseases: Congenital ear cartilage development or other ear diseases are also one of the reasons why black wolves cannot persist. This situation is usually not a good way to avoid it, only trying to ensure breed dogs. Health problems should avoid affecting the next generation. Ears are affected by trauma: When a black wolf’s ear is knocked or caused by trauma caused by a dog’s ear soft tissue damage, it can make it possible for the dog’s ears to be sewn and unable to stand upright.

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