Will you bring a bell to the Labrador


Some parents like to bring their Labrador with a bell, especially when they go out, Labrador will make a bell sound. Of course, some parents don’t like to bring bells to Labrador. They think it’s not good for Labrador to bring bells. However, parents of dogs who like to bring bells to Labrador also think that Labrador has some advantages.

First of all, bring a bell to Labrador, so that when Labrador goes out for a walk, others can hear the sound first and know that Labrador is coming. In this way, for those who are usually afraid of Labrador, they can avoid it ahead of time and do not have to confront Labrador head-on. In addition, other timid Labradors can also hear the sound ahead of time, and avoid direct contact with Labrador in advance to avoid causing any trouble.

Secondly, bring a bell to Labrador, which can prevent Labrador from getting lost when going out. Because when Labrador runs out of your sight, you can judge Labrador’s position by listening to the sound of the bell, so as to find Labrador. Of course, what I want to remind you is that if Labrador encounters bad people, the anti-theft function of the bell will also disappear. Therefore, to prevent Labrador from getting lost, it’s better to hold the traction rope tightly when going out, so that Labrador can stay within his control.

In fact, there is a bad thing about bringing bells to Labrador. We know that Labrador has a very keen sense of hearing and smell. Some bells are very loud and harsh, which can easily stimulate Labrador’s hearing and make Labrador uncomfortable. Generally speaking, when buying bells for Labrador, don’t choose the ones that are too loud. Generally, choose the ones with clear sound.

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